THE 20/80 RULE

Image by Aron Visuals

I learnt about this principle from Tim Ferris, who talks about a statistical analysis called Pareto's principle where 20% of the input creates 80% of the output (results). Tim has applied this to many aspects of life including finances, work and sports. The Surfwell Method aims to follow this principle, by focusing on the key elements that give the best results with less time and effort required. 

How the Surfwell Method achieves this

  • By addressing respiratory (breathing) mechanics, you are addressing the underlying issue behind alot of movement dysfunction. When you get this working better, you can produce quick changes in mobility in multiple areas at once. For example, an exercise which drives more inhalation mechanics can often improve mobility in shoulder flexion, shoulder external rotation, hip flexion,hip external rotation, neck mobility and ankle mobility all at once (and often after a few sets ie.3 sets of 5 breaths).

  • By using exercises that improve mobility and strengthen the body at the same time. Stretching can have benefits but is a relatively ineffective way to improve mobility. Addressing breathing mechanics and then strengthening the right muscles (in the right way) can produce much quicker and sustainable results. This means you can ditch the stretching routine (if you want to) which saves you time and effort. For example, by improving your squat mechanics and then loading the squat you can create amazing mobility changes while getting strong. A deadlift can give similar results especially if you need to create more exhalation mechanics.