At Surfwell, we put alot of focus on testing movement so that surfers know exactly what they need to work on. Sometimes muscles feel tight, but they are really weak. Sometimes things feel stiff but it has to do with something else going in the body. If you dont use testing, you take are just guessing.


There are hundreds of tests out there,  some of them are a lot more useful but none of them are perfect. The body is so complex that we can never know exactly what is going on, but if we chose the right tests we can create a "picture" or recognize a pattern that is going on. This can serve as a roadmap towards better movement in the quickest possible way.

We can use these tests to then chose certain exercises or intervention with the intention of improving the tests. After the exercise we can retest again.  Has it improved significantly? If not, then that's probably not the right exercise for you and you can try something else. 

Alot of the tests we look at relate to exhalation and inhalation mechanics. We can go through these tests with you either in the clinic (if you live locally) or in an online consult.  You can book both here 



Here is an example of two self-tests which look at inhalation mechanics (excuse the excited children noises, it was Easter! )