Marcel grew up in Hanmer Springs, a small town in the hills of North Canterbury.  No surf. I didn't even know one person who did surf. I knew who Kelly Slater was (from Baywatch) and my mate used to say "Hang Loose" but that was about it. It was rugby, cricket, skating, skiing, and then when snowboarding came along it took over.  I loved snowboarding, and ended up doing 3 winter seasons in the USA and Switzerland. 

I moved to Dunedin when I was 18 to study Physiotherapy, and lived with a few guys from Whangerei who absolutely frothed on surfing. They invited me to join them, and I was like: "I can snowboard and skate pretty well, how hard can it be?" It was hard, really hard.  I pretty much just floundered around in cold water, like shark bait, for about a year- never catching any waves. But I loved it. Going on missions to beautiful locations, getting cold and then warming up and having a feed with my mates gave me insight into what being stoked is all about. Then I finally caught my first "real" wave. It was a wedgy left; probably only 2 foot and lasted about 2 seconds but it is etched into my memory forever as the best wave of my life. 

Since then, surfing has taken over.  After a few winters overseas snowboarding, I moved to warmer climates of Mount Maunganui to live by the beach and surf. I married Julia who also surfs (and is also a physio), and the travelled around the world surfing for a full year. They have 2 girls who are starting to surf, family holidays usually revolve around surf destinations, and birthday/xmas presents are usually surf related etc etc.

Marcel and Julia have spent 12 years learning what really works (and what doesn't) in terms of physio, mobility, strength, nutrition and wellness. They both have a passion for healthy living, and are now combining that with their surfing passion to help surfers around the world with their health and performance

Some things we have done along the way


  • ​Bachelor of Physiotherapy (University of Otago, 2003)

  • Post grad certificate in Western Acupuncture (AUT, 2010)

  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1(2011)

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition certification (2012)

  • Post grad certificate in Human Nutrition (Massey, 2018)

  • Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) certified

  • Mentorship with learning the Human Matrix approach


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (University of Otago, 2003)

  • Post grad certificate in Human Nutrition (Massey, 2012)

  • Mother of 2 beautiful girls