Here is a summary of the  nutritional priniciple's I went over at the workshop

Nutrition can be very confusing, and there is a huge amount of individuality for what each person requires.  In saying that, these are the main goals of nutrition for surfing and health


1. To get adequate nutrients for the body to function optimally

2. To get enough energy to perform desired activities (ie surfing)

3. To reduce inflammation,  or maintain low inflammation

4. To enjoy your food!


The concept of eating "real food" is a way to cover these bases-  however real or whole food diets can range from Raw Vegan to the Carnivore at the extremes.  There are reports of benefits from both of these extremes,  however from a nutrient density perspective somewhere in the middle (ie. Mediterranean, Paleo, Weston Price) is where most people will benefit over the long term. However, each person must chose a way of eating that makes them feel the best but also fits in with their values.


Below is a nutrition target.  It is not perfect by any means,  but the general idea is...

1. Like target shooting,  aim for the center for most your meals-  but accept that you will occasionally miss the targets and hit the outer ring (or miss the board).  Don't beat yourself up or feel guilty,  just pick up the arrow and aim for the center again.  Over time, you will get better at hitting the center more

2. Customize the target for yourself.  I am allergic to fish,  so that obviously moves out of the center!  Likewise, if you have any food intolerances or alleriges ie. coeliac, dairy intolerant- then adjust for that. Also, some have ethical issues with eating animal products which removes some good sources of nutrients,  so they will need to ensure they are getting what they require and possibly supplement if needed.  












































This refers to the ratio of carb, proteins and fats in your diet.  Again, this can vary alot from person to person and depends alot on 

  • goals (ie. are you wanting to gain weight, lose weight, performance vs health?)

  • activity level (are you surfing alot? doing other sport or intense exercise?)

  • age

  • genetics





































Nutrition target jpeg.JPG
Image by Austin Neill